The Humane Future Manifesto

A hot spring is a place where the life-sustaining chemistry of nature is concentrated and gives generously enough to yield new variety, new color and the hot interplay of competing approaches to living and thriving. The Hot Spring Network seeks to be that kind of place, where people committed to a more generous, humane and imaginative future gather to help make it real.

Human beings do not have to be rapacious, faction-focused scavengers, fighting to take what little is available to those around them, serving a logic of fear and exclusion. The world’s great religions all recognize this, and yet history shows us that narrowness of focus, dehumanization of the other, greed and failure of imagination, routinely conspire to make individuals, institutions, even whole societies, impediments to imaginative problem solving and mutual thriving.

Most people have no genuine desire to be anything so negative toward the rest of humanity, yet the momentum of history pushes people to fight over that all-important “spoonful” everyone is chasing.

What makes the difference is whether we have real faith that better is possible.

The Hot Spring Network is an act of faith in support of the idea that we are built to overcome greed, collapse and scarcity. Our project is a commitment to building a more vibrant, more humane, more sustainable, more democratic and just future for all people, in harmony with the Earth’s natural life-support systems.

We can achieve this through science, technology, art, culture, innovation and public policy. We have a moral obligation to do so.

If you support this vision:

For the latest list of signatories and supporters, and to sign yourself, visit the following easyshare shortlink:

Download and share the Humane Future Manifesto desktop image here:width="417"


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